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Stop whining

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No that's not a command to put down your glass of favorite merlot, it's something that I am going to try to do for 30 days.  Somewhere in the US a pastor challenged his parish to try not complaining for 30 days.  They did it and they discovered that instead of feeling bad about things they started to rectify the matters that were bothering them.

So, I'm going to try it.  It will be hard, but anything worth doing is never easy. 

You that saying, "life's a bleep,bleep, bleep."  Well, I would change it to "life's a very, very, mean, unhappy, dissatisfied person you meet, become friends with, help her as much as you possibly can and then she stabs you in the back!"

I feel like an idiot because I wanted to be nice and civil and it didn't get me anywhere.  Whatever happened
to "what comes around, goes around."  I don't really believe in it anymore.  It's just a saying we use to make ourselves feel better for being mistreated by others.  I hope I don't treat people the way I've been treated by Hilda.

As Pooh would say,  "oh, bother."

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